Small Office / Business

A small office or business looking at approximately 1 to 20 cups per day is usually best suited to one of the options below.

Saeco Royal Cappuccino

Buy a minimum of 1kg of coffee beans from us per week to get free use of a Saeco Royal Cappuccino coffee machine. From as little as 35 cents per cup it makes quality coffee extremely affordable, not to mention the time saved by not having to leave the office to head to the local coffee shop.

This machine also presents excellent scalability and will comfortably handle up to 50 cups of coffee per day. 

For higher volumes, multiple machines can be provided under the same free machine offer, if desired.

Thinking of something a little different or got very specific requirements?

Check out some of our other options below, or call 1300 12 02 62 or contact us and we'll help you work out the best option for your business, whether that be one of our standard packages or a custom designed solution tailored to meet your exact needs and budget.


approx 1 - 20 cups per day


approx 20 - 100 cups per day


approx 100+ cups per day