Our Beans

We currently carry 4 different blends in our range of premium espresso coffee beans to please a variety of palates.

All of our blends contain only the highest quality Arabica beans and are masterfully roasted to meet the demands of the most discerning of coffee drinkers.

Our coffee beans are freshly roasted so they produce a satisfying drinking experience every time!!


Arico blend

Sourced from India, PNG and Ethiopia and independently roasted  medium to our specifications. The Arico blend is a rich and clean tasting with light smoky tones and hints of sweet cocoa. This blend is preferred by the majority of our customers and is an overall crowd pleaser.


Fire blend

Sourced from Colombia, Kenya and PNG and roasted medium with the discerning espresso drinker in mind. The flavour characteristics are reminiscent of sweet caramel and dark chocolate, with a clean smooth finish.


Tango blend 

Sourced from India, PNG and Ethiopia and independently roasted strong to our specifications. The Tango blend is a stronger, more intense blend for the more adventurous coffee drinker who is after a definite caffeine hit.


Fair Trade, Organic blend

Sourced from Nicaragua, Colombia, PNG and Ethiopia, our Fair Trade/Organic blend has a clean acidity and sweet, spicy aftertaste with a lingering, dark chocolaty finish.