Large Office / Business

A large office or business looking at in exces of 100 cups per day is usually best suited to one of the options below.

Saeco Aulika Top

The Saeco Aulika Top coffee machine offers superior one touch technology and sleek styling, making it a talking point in every kitchen or canteen. Easy to use and low maintenance requirements, the Aulika is perfect for larger organisations and represents the best value to workplaces where more than 100 cups of coffee are made each day. For higher volumes, multiple machines can be provided, or a Phedra machine may be best (see below).

Contact us to find out more about the machine and bean packages that would best suit your requirements.

Dr Coffee F11

The F11 from Dr Coffee is a revolutionary new style of machine with sleek design and an innovative self-cleaning system for easier daily maintenance. It has ceramic grinders and a dual-mode brewing system inside, meeting the need for non-pressurised regular coffee and pressurised espresso.

The 7” touch panel is easy to use with up to 12 customised coffee and hot beverage options available at your fingertips. The F11 is available in a smaller 2 Litre tank option as well as a larger, plumbed in continuous water supply option. Contact us to find out more about getting a superb Dr Coffee F11 installed at your workplace. 

Thinking of something a little different or got very specific requirements?

Check out some of our other options below, or call 1300 12 02 62 or contact us and we'll help you work out the best option for your business, whether that be one of our standard packages or a custom designed solution tailored to meet your exact needs and budget.


approx 1 - 20 cups per day


approx 20 - 100 cups per day


approx 100+ cups per day